Gamified wellness app for motivating fitness in sedentary workplaces

We help your teams to stay efficient and healthy
by keeping them physically active on a daily basis.


Staying fit and well becomes even more fun and easy with RaccoonCare

Motivating Gamified Challenges
We use a gamification approach to maximize engagement for sedentary employees. Readymade gamified challenges are available for the company’s staff and management.

Exercise Snacks
Our app incorporates Exercise Snacks, which can be seamlessly integrated into individual daily schedules. This means you can exercise when and where it’s convenient for you.

Activated Clients

“Taking care of your health can be really fun and exciting.”


Unit City Resident

“A great solution that helps our remote workers keep active and resilient as one sustainable team”


HRD, Samsung

“Combining gamification and a therapeutic approach have brought excellent team engagement results. Super easy to start for any team.”


HR, iLogos

How It Works


Get access for your company

Apply now and we will provide you with a plan to easily implement RacoonCare for your team.


Onboard your team

Provide your employees with the RaccoonCare App from App Store and Google Play Market by sending a short message with the user guide and links.


Participate in challenges

Gamified challenges are a great motivation tool to get your team members engaged. It all starts with a simple challenge for maximum steps.


Offer Exercise Snacks

Our specialized Exercise Shacks program prompts users to get up and a bit active at least once every two hours. Exercises take up to 2 minutes, and can be performed without additional equipment right in the workplace or at home.


See the result in 2 weeks

Your average physical activity will increase by up to 20% or more as a result of consistently using the app.


Get access to HR data and analytics

Customized reports with visualized data details of employee engagement, well-being and productivity provide HR with key insights.

Some Facts in Numbers


Steps taken

Our users have walked the distance to the Moon.
The next goal is Mars!


active users

We need more people to reach Mars faster. Join us!


Activity challenges and exercise courses

All for you :)


Physical Activity Helps To Be Efficient

Physical activity motivationChallenges and leaderboards to motivate participants to get moving for meaningful causes. Users interact with each other and can be part of a community.
Reduce the incidence of mental health problems by up to 75%

Preventive healthcareExercise programs prevent injuries and provide balance for the body and mind. Exercise Snacks sets, light stretching, and other small daily actions that keep you fit.
Decrease fatigue up to 65%

Why Choose Us?

Gamified Challenges for Activity

Ready-made challenges that help people get healthy and are motivated by meaningful causes

Community and Chat

People interact with each other as a part of a community

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Activity Tracking

HR dashboard with custom reports for key insights and data-driven decision-making

Exercise Snack Program

Consistent micro-steps bring great results

Charity Initiatives

Meaningful challenges with a charitable giving option

Rewards & Prizes

Meaningful motivation for healthy habit formation

Useful Content

Guides and tips for a healthier lifestyle

Medically-based and Difference-making

Technology validated by prominent American and German physiotherapists

Improve your well-being in a fun and easy way.
Let’s get started!