Sales manager in HR Tech / Corporate SaaS as Consultant / mentor

RaccoonCare is seeking a part-time Sales mentor from HR Tech / Corporate SaaS to join our fast-growing corporate wellness startup. As a Sales mentor, you will work as a consultant, providing mentorship to the sales team and collaborating on the development and execution of sales strategies. Also we expect you to promote the product on your network.

The ideal candidate should have at least three years of experience in sales for HR tech SaaS or Corporate SaaS and be passionate about startups and developing and selling new products.

As a Sales mentor, your responsibilities include:● Searching and testing sales channels, messages, and offers.● Collaborating on the creation of sales strategies.● Generating leads through your network.● Testing hypotheses within your network.● Maintaining a strong understanding of the products or services being sold and effectively communicating their value proposition to potential customers.● Developing and maintaining relationships with potential and existing customers to drive sales and revenue growth.● Keeping accurate records of sales activities, customer interactions, and market trends to inform sales strategies and make data-driven decisions.● Participating in ongoing training and development to continually improve sales skills and knowledge of the industry and market.● Collaborating with other members of the sales team and other departments within the organization to ensure effective communication and alignment on goals and objectives.

Required experience:● At least 3 years of experience in the sales for HR tech and / or Corporate SaaS ● Passionate about startups, developing and selling new products ● Believe that productivity based on energy and physical activities

Job Type: Part-time, remoteSalary: based on interview with the possibility of becoming a partner and shareholder. By working with RaccoonCare, you can become part of a fast-growing startup and join a star team.
About RaccoonCare

RaccoonCare is on a mission to combat sedentary lifestyles and create healthier workplaces. Our app is specifically designed for office workers and combines fitness, reminders, and challenges to make staying physically fit easy and enjoyable. The team behind RaccoonCare has been working in physical health for 4 years and has validated their technology by german and american physiotherapists.
Join our young and dynamic team of professionals and be part of our mission to create healthier workplaces. All CVs can be sent to .dlrow.nooccar%40anavolams