RaccoonCare launches a challenge program for employees' wellness and high performance of US companies


The challenge starts in


On November 1, 2022


RaccoonCare’s mission is to fight the sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity that is today`s social epidemic. Therefore, we are launching a series of challenges with healthy activities for US companies. Our specialized program motivates employees to develop a habit of regular physical activity, particularly people with sedentary office jobs. The solution improves employees` well-being and helps to increase the company's productivity.

RaccoonCare is currently looking for 5 companies from New York, California and Texas to hold their well-being program

It is supposed to be implemented for free together with HRs for the employees of selected companies.

The program starts with 5 companies in November and lasts 3 months. No matter if employees work in the office or remotely


How it is going to be

The application is provided for the staff of the partner company. Then a series of in-app challenges and activities are launched step by step from less intensive (e.g. steps) to more intensive ones. As a result, employees are gradually involved in the program aimed at developing healthy movement habits during the working day.

What’s next

Our team is going to measure, compare and share publicly the tendency in productivity and well-being of employees in the partner`s companies.


”Through the physical health of employees, RaccoonCare influences the challenge of losses of businesses due to sedentary work at the office,” – Svitlana Malovana, the CEO and Co-Founder of RaccoonCare.